• I feel more and more sensitive to the atmosphere around me, to people thoughts and vibrations, to the surrounding energy that I'm not able yet to define.
  • Coming into healing world and touching people, seems to enhance that sensitivity. It feels good and it feels scary.
  • At times, I'm present, and I feel it. And at times I'm absent, or busy minded and I don't keep attention.
  • It doesn't matter wether I'm conscious or not. Something happens anyway. it's not my hands, It's not me deciding.
  • I try to ground myself and keep the balance, somewhere in the middle of I don't know what, somehow trying to be in the flow direction. At times it works, at times it doesn't.
  • I feel like a baby knowing not how to speak or to walk and needing to learn on its own.
  • Guidance is here, abundant, free, right at my finger tips, but I feel not matter how much guidance I have, it's just an outside proposal and I, remain, on my own. of course, not disconnected, not separated, not lonely, but I, alone am on my way.
  • Those short blissfull times where I feel complete, filled with deep joy fully connected, are still too rare.
  • But I'm also filled with hope, the hope that someday... It will be.
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