Love is everywhere. It is in you, in me, in everyone. Often we nourrish high expectations from a special one. We believe he / she is the unique source of Love. Wether u be loved or not by a person, do not have any expectations. He / she may not be able to express his/her love to you. He/ she may not be able to take that incredible powerfull energy. Don't judge. Don't hate, Don't feel hurt. We all have luggages...and we do with our own capacities. Sufferances are not the same for everyone. What may feel so insignificant to us may be deeply essential to an other one.

So, just Love. Love without asking anything, Love fully, deeply, entirely from the core of your heart. He or She deserves it. Always. That divine is in her and him as it is in u. And that Love is Life.

Be Alive.

(thought of the day from India - Good night! ) - Amandine
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