No matter how many efforts we shall put in wanting or non wanting something, how many wishes, prayers and actions we may take to get something / or give up something. We can break our mind and search for escape, we can bang into doors and wall, we can fight, But all this doesn't matter...

whatever is meant to be, will be. Whatever is not, won't.

We shall have deep full and entire confidence in "That Plan" . because "That" is perfect. Our "freedom" gets us colours and shapes and different ways to go by... we can choose all colours and shades... we can paint our "imaginary world and way"... but we shall try and be aware of the "happening"... or it will just delay the "Plan". Our freedom shall be "aware" and not "blind"... our freedom does not mean being stubborn and use our willpower to go where we decided ( intellectually) to go... Our freedom shall serve "That". and That, is always there. Always. no matter what.   Thoughts from India - Amandine   NB: and as Time does not exist for "that", but as Time is entirely part of This , it is a parameter to accept and use as part of the gifted database.... Use it.. and PLay! Enjoy!!
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